Me at the south pole

David Henry Lesser's Webpage

Postdoc at Steward Observatory.

Our mailing address is
933 N Cherry Ave.
Tucson AZ 85721
STO Images clockwise from top right:
  • A photo of myself;
  • Roger Angel's prototype solar tracker;
  • STO, in full flight configuration,
    at the hang test in Palestine, TX, August 2011.
  • A photo of me at the South Pole, taking a break from working on HEAT.
Solar Tracker

I work primarily on instrumentation, mostly for Chris Walker and his submillimeter/THz instrumentation group. Our current projects include:
Affiliated projects (projects with which our group or members thereof are associated) include:
Future projects we hope to work on include GUSSTO, a balloon mission intended to supercede STO for which we have received first-stage (exploratory) funding.

Lastly, I'm the President of Xerocraft, a 'Makerspace' in Tucson (and a 501(c)3 non-profit) that provides tools, resources, and training to kids, hobbyists, and members of the public who want to learn how to make whatever they wish. We run classes in everything from welding to weaving, computer programming to fine woodworking.